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New Indiefilm Payment Model, Sort Of

Once upon a time, there was a revolution in the independent film world. The internet arrived and along with it, online video. I was making more short films at the time and it was very exciting to see a massive new player on the scene, they were called Atom Films. Atom rolled in big with huge parties at Sundance (perhaps the first time I ever rode a mechanical bull) and at least one young rebellious party at Cannes, in a very cool house up in the hills. (I think I may even still have some swag from Atom laying around).

Their payment model for the content site was a very simple calculation of ad revenue split against all the minutes watched in a month paid out in a pro-rata share to each film in the pool. This seemed like a very easy and fair model to me. was an early entrant to the independent film online community and they also have shifted to a subscription based model, and along with it a new royalty model (and a new site design). ¬†This shift represents a great change for filmmakers who’s titles have been languishing in the transactional world where it is ever-harder to get eyes on your film.

indieflix ceo scilla andreen photo credit filmmaker magazine

photo: filmmaker magazine

Check out an article from Sundance over at Filmmaker magazine where Indieflix CEO Scilla Andreen discusses the formlua.



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