Published on April 19th, 2013 | by Andrew Krasniak

Google Glass Apps Will Be Free And Without Ads

This Monday, Google released its long-awaited “Mirror” application programming interface (API), allowing developers to begin developing apps or “glassware” for the forthcoming Google Glass. However, developers will have to abide by numerous terms and conditions, most notably that all applications created for the Mirror API need to be free of advertising and available at no cost to end users. This move is interesting for two reason: first, Google is primarily an advertising company, drawing 95% of its revenue through its various advertising products. Second, Google has been famously open toward developers, allowing them a great deal of freedom to create apps for their Android mobile platform.

The choice to omit advertising from these early apps has drawn mixed reactions. Some developers view the restriction as a standard prohibition in the development phase of a hotly anticipated new product, while others have already began to worry about the ability to monetize an app that must be both free and free of ads. Even some users wanted advertising to be an integral part of the Google Glass experience. For example, if a user had been shopping for sneakers, wouldn’t he want to be informed that a shoe store he was walking past was having a sale on Nikes? While it isn’t clear if these prohibitions will continue into the consumer versions, they do raise interesting questions about Google’s strategy in releasing Glass.

Link – CNET

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