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Published on April 25th, 2013 | by Andrew Krasniak

Art “Nanofactured” With 3D Printers

While it’s no secret that technology has been helping artists push boundaries and find new outlets for their creativity, its uncommon that piece of software or hardware enables a new medium entirely.

While 3D printers are nothing new, New York based artist Shane Hope has been using them in conjunction with PyMol—molecular modeling software designed to create three-dimensional images of complex molecules—to create intricate “paintings” composed of thousands of tiny 3D models.

Shane Hope’s Species-Tool-Being No. 4

Hope, whose solo gallery show “Nano Nonobjective Oriented Ontographs and Quibit-Build Quilts” is currently on display in Chelsea, explains in an artist’s statement that, “accelerating progress in nanometer-scale science and technology continues to expand the toolkit with which we can eventually assemble things from the atom up. This will potentially give rise to nearly costless systems for controlling the structure of matter itself.”  While it remains to be seen if that prediction comes to fruition, the paintings are certainly fascinating as standalone works of art.

Shane Hope’s Human-Tool-Being No.5


Shane Hope’s “Smartdustormin”

Link: Gizmodo , The Winkleman Gallery

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