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Published on April 22nd, 2013 | by Andrew Krasniak

Game Of Thrones Worldwide Workflow

Anyone who’s watched Game of Thrones has surely noticed its numerous richly detailed worlds—from the icy steppes north of Winterfell to the gilded towers in King’s Landing. In order to replicate these environments, the producers of Game of Thrones utilize six production units scattered around the planet from Los Angeles to Iceland to Belfast, Ireland.

In the video below, Game of Thrones producer Greg Spence describes the difficulties associated with creating a uniform look and feel to the finished video despite utilizing footage shot by six different teams in six different locations worldwide.


In order to keep production unit on the same page, HBO helped the Game of Thrones team develop a workflow that allowed each director to view visual reference materials from the other locations on color-corrected iPads to keep a uniform feel amongst the footage coming from each location.

After some preliminary cutting is done by editors on location, the footage is transferred to Belfast, then Los Angeles for final post production and color correction.  By keeping color palates from each location relatively constant, Game of Thrones is able to maintain a consistant look.


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