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Published on April 30th, 2013 | by Alana Zaret

A Look Through The Eyes Of Google’s Self-Driving Car

Recently Idea Lab’s Bill Gross tweeted the photo above showing the 360 degree field of view that Google’s self-driving car sees. The Google car is covered with sensors that can take in 1 gigabyte of data per a second. When taking in their surroundings the sensors build up a detailed 3D map, and each time the car goes through a familiar street it is updating and adding to the map.

The cars still have some problems with snow covered roads and temporary road work, but Google engineers have hinted that were are about five years away from being able to own one of the cars. As of February 2013 only Nevada, Florida, and California are allowing the driver-less cars on the road, with specific rules that need to be followed while in the car.

Self-driving cars are possible because they are an extension of whats already being built into cars. The Economist explains that it is only a matter of joining the driver aid systems such as lane-keeping, adaptive cruise control, auto-parking, emergency braking, and satellite navigation; with software that uses sensors on the vehicle so it can tell what is going on around it and be able to react.

For a glimpse into the future take a look at the video below where a legally blind man known as driver #0000000001 takes the Google self-driving car out for some Taco Bell.   


Link- Buzz Feed

Link- The Economist

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